OTFF & Frameless Labs present the VR Garden

OTFF's VR Garden is back for year two! 

Frameless Labs and the MAGIC Center at Rochester Institute of Technology are a collaborative community that serves to foster efforts in emerging media, content, and technology throughout the Rochester region.  Frameless Labs is once again teaming up with The Little to produce and curate immersive documentary content to share with the local Rochester community.    

The One Take Film Festival will have a space dedicated to showcasing Virtual and Augmented Reality non-fiction projects. The films:

Homescape (dir. Yotam Rozin)

Down & Up Stairs, Roots & Trees (dir. Shaun Foster, Alejandro Perez)

Fair Trade Coffee (Director, writer, producer: Marie Mainz and Travis Lacy)

I am Not Alone (Director, producer, editor, writer: Martin Edström & Fredrik Edström; Co-writer: Josefin Lundgren)

I.Am.Tru.Star (dir. Alberto Scicali)

Policing Flint (NY Times) (dir. Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari)

6x9 (The Guardian) (dir. The Mill)