One Take Film Festival House Band: Guy Higgins and Friends

Guy Higgins and Friends return to create and curate music in the Little Cafe for the 3nd annual One Take Film Festival!

As a drummer, Guy Higgins has performed in many Rochester music projects, including Edge of Jupiter, The Sweatshop Boys, Horrific and the Horribles, Mr. Donut, Shinji Kazama, and many more.  Following his time with those bands, Guy transitioned to writing and producing records in the studio, playing drums, guitar, bass, and creating electronic music.  So far, he’s created 10 original albums, exploring how to combine rock, folk, and EDM influences. Musical inspirations such as Air, Beck, Justice, Boards of Canada and the Flaming Lips, find their way into the fabric of his forthcoming EP, Smoke is the Enemy.  This album drips with effects-laden acoustic guitar and bass, creating a future-folk vibe, thick with reverb, delay and digital nuance. 

Listen for spacey lyrics about love and apocalypse, dead pets and distant planets, when Guy and some of his friends perform a curated set, combining covers and original songs, between films in The Little Cafe at the One-Take-Film Festival, April 25th-28th 2019.