Becoming Who I Was

Saturday, April 21, 2018 4:00pm

Cast out of his monastery and displaced in his reincarnation, a Ladakhi boy of noble birth must go in search of his past life in Tibet, with the help and sacrifice of his aging godfather.

Padma Angdu's world turns upside down when the monastery where he belonged expels him. Although he is recognized as a Living Buddha in Ladakh, the only thing that holds him together is the unfaltering love of his teacher. High expectations from his community leads the young Rinpoche into rebellion as he enters into adolescence. After having waited years in vain for his disciples from Tibet, the soon-to-be teenage Rinpoche and his aging teacher embark on an epic journey towards Tibet, in search of an answer.

Community partner: White Lotus Buddhist Center


Jin Jeon
Co-director and Producer

Jin Jeon is a producer/director, raised in Africa and currently producing documentaries in South Korea for a global audience. She grew up in four countries and completed her Masters at the University of Cape Town. Her credits include '1 Hectare of Happiness' (2013), awarded the KBS Prize for Excellence.