OTFF & Frameless Labs present the VR Garden

Frameless Labs and the MAGIC Center at Rochester Institute of Technology are a collaborative community that serves to foster efforts in emerging media, content, and technology throughout the Rochester region.  Frameless Labs is teaming up with The Little to produce and curate immersive documentary content to share with the local Rochester community.  

The focus of the garden is to showcase emerging frameless media and their ability to open windows to limitless applications for documentary storytelling.  Immersive content can induce a heightened sense of presence and empathy permitting viewers to experience a documentary story like never before.   Frameless Labs believes in the power of this presence as well as the power of perspective.  This medium can transport the viewer to be present in a place they have never been as well as provide a perspective different from their own.  

Frameless Labs and The Little Theater would like to invite a range of immersive experiences that utilize both the power of presence and perspective.  


SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED.  Thanks to all who submitted!